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As a trusted partner, Dan-Loc Group is open for business, so you can perform in your business. Based on the DHS standards, Dan-Loc Group is considered an essential and critical business because we support the continued safe operations of pipelines, refineries, chemical plants and other critical manufacturing.

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 At Dan-Loc Group, Community is one of our core values. In order to better serve our community, we have partnered with Ashburn Chemical Technologies to help provide hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

 ASHBURN HAND SANITIZER is an alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer that evaporates quickly. It is recommended for repeated use to help decrease bacteria on the skin.


  • Helps prevent infectious diseases
  • Alcohol-based liquid
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • For use when you don't have ready access to soap and water

Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 80%


Hand Sanitizer Packaging
Ashburn Part# Description NDC Package Code
M-05029 Hand Sanitizer (Quart) 74677-050-32
M-05021 Hand Sanitizer (1 Gallon) 74677-050-01
M-05025 Hand Sanitizer (5 Gallon Pail) 74677-050-05
M-05027 Hand Sanitizer (55 Gallon Drum) 74677-050-55
M-05023 Hand Sanitizer (275 Gallon Tote) 74677-050-23



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