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Dan-Loc Group is an ISO 9001 Registered manufacturer of all thread studs, tap end studs, and custom fasteners used in the petrochemical, transportation, industrial, power generation and marine industries.

Dan-Loc Group capabilities include cut threading, roll threading, and the use of bar feed lathes that can produce special reliefs, profiles, and single point threads on parts up to six inches in diameter.

Our products are manufactured from a full range of material grades including stainless steel and exotic alloys and can be furnished with special platings and coatings for corrosion resistance.

Dan-Loc Group is licensed to use the API Spec 20E Monogram BSL-1, BSL-2 and BSL-3 (License No. 20E-0022) for all sizes of roll threaded studs and all sizes of fully machined bolts, screws and nuts.

Studs & Bolts

Threaded Studs Manufacturer - Custom Threaded Studs, Rods & Bolts

Industrial Nuts

2H & 2HM Nuts Manufacturers - Alloy Nuts Distributor

Special Machined Fasteners

Custom Industrial Fasteners - Special Machined Fasteners

Coatings & Platings

Corrosion Resistant Bolts - Fastener & Bolt Coatings


Nickel Alloy Fasteners - Stainless Steel Studs