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As a trusted partner, Dan-Loc Group is open for business, so you can perform in your business. Based on the DHS standards, Dan-Loc Group is considered an essential and critical business because we support the continued safe operations of pipelines, refineries, chemical plants and other critical manufacturing.

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In our effort to provide the right products, the right services, at the righ time, Dan-Loc Group is making hand sanitizer dispensing equipment readily available for our customers. This touchless HAND SANITIZER DISPENSER automatically dispenses sanitizer when hands are detected under the unit. The contactless system provides excellent coverage allowing for quick and easy hand sanitizing. Large capacity (1,000 ml) reservoir. Perfect for daily use in workplace settings, universities, schools, stadiums, auditoriums, theaters, hospitals or other public places. The large front window allows for easy monitoring of fill level. Low-battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to replace batteries.

Dispensers and Stands
Ashburn Part# Description
M-51609 Liquid Dispenser
M-51611 Liquid Dispenser with Stand 
M-51612 Gel Dispenser
M-51613 Gel Dispenser with Stand
M-51610 Stand Only