Dan-Loc has the special expertise in the machining of complex gaskets and seals for the oil field, including technical parts that require exact tolerances.

  • Close Tolerance Milling
  • Complex Machined Parts


Dan-Loc can furnish an extensive range of coatings designed to inhibit corrosion. All of our coatings protect your products from conditions and environments that readily corrode unprotected bolts.

  • Cadmium
  • Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, Zinc Phosphate
  • Teflon
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Xylan and Xylar
  • SermaGard
  • ZCor
  • Dan-Loc Tuff Cor


Dan-Loc is your “first call, only call” for hard-to-find specials and standards. We keep three stocking locations across the USA ready to fulfill your orders so you get what you need when you need it.

Fast turnaround on special orders including special length studs and custom configurations

A wide selection of inventory options including: B7, B7M, L7, L7M, B16, B8, B8M and exotic alloys.


Dan-Loc has special expertise in the machining of complex fasteners and gaskets for the oil field as well as specialty technical parts machined to exacting tolerances. Dan-Loc machinists are highly experienced in machining a variety of materials with an emphasis on Inconel, Monel, and other exotics. Parts can be produced up to 24.5 inches in diameter and 80 inches in length.

Dan-Loc has top of the line CNC machine tools. The shop is staffed with highly qualified and experienced machinists as well as the personnel and equipment to provide extensive quality control.


Dan-Loc has precision lathes to produce parts with close tolerances and can accommodate up to 24.5 inches in diameter and 80 inches in length. Dan-Loc’s machinists are experienced in manufacturing specialty and complex parts for the energy industry.

Dan-Loc also has an in-house quality assurance lab with CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines to verify profiles and dimensions.


Dan-Loc has 4-axis milling capability and the expertise to produce specialty machined components.

Our staff has the experience and capabilities to perform complex profile milling on difficult to machine materials ranging from high carbon steel to all grades of stainless steel and exotics.


Dan-Loc can furnish a wide range of coatings designed to inhibit corrosion. Whether it is cadmium or zinc electroplating, Teflon/Xylan PTFE fluorocarbon, or other specialty coatings, all protect our products from conditions and environments that readily corrode unprotected bolts.

  • NanoGalv®
  • Xylan® PTFE
  • Xylar® Cermet
  • DuPont® 857G Series PTFE
  • SermaGard® 1105/1280 Cermet
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Mechanical Galvanizing (up to 1-1/2” dia., 5 lbs. wt., and/or 16” length per unit.)
  • Zinc Phosphate


NanoGalv® is a registered trademark of Modumetal Inc..

Xylan and Xylar are U.S. Patent & Trademark registered trade names of Whitford Worldwide Corp.

SermaGard is a trade name registered by Praxair, Inc.

  • Cadmium
  • Zinc
  • Zinc-Nickel
  • Coating and plating temperature information coming soon!


Dan-Loc Group has partnered with Modumetal to become the premier distributer of NanoGalv® coated products. Dan-Loc Group’s Houston and Louisiana branches have over $2.5 million in stocked B7 all-thread studs and 2H Heavy Hex nuts for common ANSI B16.5 flanges. We are your first call, only-call source for NanoGalv® and other threaded products.

What is NanoGalv®?

A coating system designed for corrosive and high-strength applications. NanoGalv® can be used as a drop‐in replacement for cadmium, conventional galvanize, epoxy, and PTFE coatings. NanoGalv® has undergone extensive testing and field trials for fasteners and connectors and is currently in commercial use in offshore platforms and other coastal facilities.

• Process is very similar to conventional Zinc Nickel electroplating and existing lines can be retrofitted with Modumetal’s nanolamination process
• Nanolamination uses precision waveform technology that causes metal ions to bond together in layers
• Nanolayers impede the path of corrosion to create unprecedented performance in environmental resistance and durability

Proven Performance.

Since initial specification in 2018, Modumetal’s NanoGalv® has been specified by all the oil & gas supermajors and has been deployed in the field for years with far superior corrosion performance than the closest comparable coatings See NanoGalv® in action.

Learn more about NanoGalv®:


There are coated bolts out there that offer some level of corrosion protection. Then there’s TuffCor – a Dan-Loc innovation that raises the standard for corrosion resistance. TuffCor bolts are engineered to survive corrosive environments that readily destroy commodity bolts, and even “premium” coated bolts.

With the productivity demands you face, dealing with all the maintenance required by standard coated bolts is the last thing you want weighing on your mind, and on your schedule. We couldn’t agree more. That’s the reason we created TuffCor. It’s specially engineered to resist corrosion and delay routine maintenance for much longer periods than other bolts allow. In an industry that’s defined by the term “time is money” a product like this doesn’t just bolt up your structure, it tightens up your operation.


In an independent test simulating offshore conditions common to operating in the Gulf of Mexico, TuffCor went up against a range of commonly specified bolts. TuffCor barely showed a blemish at 5,000 hours. The other bolts didn’t even come close. LOW MAINTENANCE IS BEAUTIFUL.

TuffCor bolts look good – on your worksite and on your maintenance records. There’s no rust bleed that you have to constantly paint over, so your site maintains a cleaner appearance on its own, freeing your maintenance crew for other tasks. Superior corrosion resistance also keeps the threads clean and smooth. Even after long installed periods, the nuts break out fast and easy without excessive torque or cutting. So you’re not faced with firing up a torch in places where flames really shouldn’t be. All in all, your crews gain efficiency and safety, while you lower your maintenance costs. Those are all beautiful things.


When you specify bolts, specify your desire to save time and money. Go with the one bolt that has proven its superiority in the test lab and in the real world. That’s TuffCor from Dan-Loc.


Zcor uses zinc as its principle sacrificial corrosion barrier and meets environmental protocols of virtually all countries, including the European Union’s RoHS.

Buyers of Zcor can depend on it to exceed 2,000 hours routinely in an ASTM B117 salt spray test. ZCor provides exceptional performance while being an environmentally friendly, reliable product. ZCor is an excellent alternative when cadmium plating is not allowed.


Dan-Loc express


Your first call, only call source.

If you need stud bolts quickly, you should know about Dan-Loc Express. At three locations across the USA we’re ready to serve up your bolt orders quickly, so you can get what you want need you need it.

At all three locations, we have a full range of widely used bolts ready for immediate shipment. We can also provide studs made from exotic alloys – plus other unique products. And we offer fast turnaround on special orders, including special length studs and custom configurations.

Our dedicated staff of fastener experts will make sure your needs are quickly met from our wide selection of material options including: B7, B7M, L7, L7M, B16, B8, B8M and exotic alloys.

We also offer a variety of platings including zinc and cadmium, as well as PTFE coatings. Call the Dan-Loc Express nearest you for quick availability of a wide range of bolts and gaskets.


Three convenient locations to choose from:

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725 North Drennan Street, Houston, TX 77003
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Click to call: (713) 356-3500


6059 Commerce Pointe Drive, Geismar, LA 70734
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