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Dan-Loc’s New Industry-Leading Website

by | Jun 16, 2021 | 0 comments

www.danlocgroup.com offers 24/7 access for customer care chats, information requests, product and technical information, RFQ submission, brochure downloads and career information as well as enhanced newsroom and social media features.

HOUSTON, TX. – Dan-Loc, a manufacturer of threaded products, gaskets and seals, and precision machined components for more than 50 years, has launched a new website at www.danlocgroup.com. The primary goal during the website redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric, and responsive resource across all devices and platforms. Specifically, Dan-Loc wanted to focus on making it easier for visitors to learn and locate valuable information about company products as well as manufacturing and service capabilities, not only from their desks but on mobile devices as well.

According to Dan-Loc President, Paul Diorio, “the company’s revamped internet presence offers customers around-the-clock access to customer requests for quotes, service requests, product information, brochure downloads, customer case studies and technical information, as well as enhanced newsroom and social media features.”

“The launch of the new website allows our customers to tap into our enormous library of resources,” Diorio said. “Our goal to make this site more responsive, user-friendly, and content-rich was successful and, with the addition of our interactive chat function, Dan-Loc can now respond in a timely manner to customer’s inquiries.”

On the ease-of-use side, the new website features not only improved navigation across all devices, but also downloadable technical information, product data and conversation charts. The new site promises to provide customers with the highest level of information, service and support to ensure they quickly and easily find the information they require.

“As with any great website, www.danlocgroup.com will be constantly updated and evolving,” Diorio added. “It is a real-time resource for anyone seeking information about the company and our products and services. We hope that all of our customers will explore our redesigned online platform and continue to make our site a regular stopping place for the latest information on our best-in-class products, capabilities and industry content.”


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